Business Noob

Good day. Thank you for reading my post about learning internet business. Please comment with constructive criticism at the end.

Like many other people I want to break away from the boring, glass-ceiling, 9 to 5 job and make a living working for myself doing something I love. Easier said than done is an understatement. Currently, I work as an Information Technologist contractor for the public sector. Permanent jobs are scarce and the rate of pay fluctuates like the wind. I am also getting older, so I am tired of the cruel games people can play in competition for IT contracts. Besides those reasons I would also love to be self-employed because my husband is in the military and as such we must often move which forces me to job hunt once again.

Maybe it is because I spent three years working overseas in a war zone (2008 – 2011), but I seemed to have missed the exciting evolution of the internet business revolution. The idea of marketing one’s passion on the internet by sharing information and ideas that will “give value” to the readers and hey… you can also make a tidy profit.

Fast forward to 2015 and four relocations later, while searching for an entertaining podcast to listen to I came across Smart Passive Income website on my iPhone Podcast app and started listening to Pat Flynn’s savvy internet business advice. I became intrigued and later hooked on his podcasts. I started to share what I was learning from Pat with people at work, friends and family and I highly recommend that you, the reader check out his site and what he has to say as well. You will not be sorry. The information he presents is not just useful, but contributes to ethical business practises which is very important. Strangely enough, not everyone I spoke to was excited as I was on the same wavelength. In fact, one of my friends even said, “Oh, you want to become one of those annoying internet sales people, eh? They are always excited about making money from internet.” Uhhh… yeah, but with integrity don’t forget! Perhaps my friend had come across one to many pop-up ninjas who have abused their privileges to make money online. Most people were pleasantly interested and at least one of my friends wanted the link to SPI so he could listen and check it out.

After the first few episodes of SPI, I signed up for a five day Internet Marketing e-course with Mark Mason of
The Late Night Internet Marketing. This was recommended in one of Pat’s first few podcasts. Mark also helps people understand how to start and build a profitable internet business online in their spare time. Sound appealing? I thought so and still do. On day one of the course Mark wants us to explore why building an internet business appeals to us. Along with a possible solution for some problems I detailed in the first paragraph of this post, I feel the internet may be one of the last frontiers where one can stake a claim, take a slice of that virtual world, and make a name in business for themselves. It reminds me of the wild, wild, west! Go west, young man! Okay, I will stop now as I think you get my point.

In short, I will be trying to move forward in my quest for a slice, albeit with integrity. Standby for more and thanks for reading. Note, I will try to give you more value in my posts as time goes by. For now I remain affectionately, your Noob.



This is my first post. I apologize if it is not very good. I am a noob. However, I have some interesting information and entertaining information to share. Let me know what you think as time goes by. Thank you.